Testimonials and qualifications

“I have two children 13 and 14 years of age who both have extremely full academic and extra curricular schedules.  They both do their fair share of studying and get good notes.  You can imagine how excited they were when I informed them, with as much enthusiasm I could muster, that they would be adding to their weekly craze 2 – 3 hours with an English tutor.  They both had a ton of complaints and excuses why the times would not work and they did not need it, etc.  Well what I can say about Nicole, that says everything, is that, after the FIRST class both kids were trying to rearrange their schedules to fit more time with Nicole.  My children love Nicole, they love the information that she is giving them and how she is giving it to them.  They love to do their assignments for her and read each others answers and critic it.  Nicole has taught these kids more on English grammar, writing skills and test taking in the short time she has been with them then they have learned in the last 3 years.  She is positive, enthusiastic and inquisitive and gets to understand each individual child and treats and teaches them each according to their individual personalities.  I have been so thankful to have found her.  My kids are at the point of asking to have more help on specific subjects, constantly.”

Tracy Mignatti
Wow, this school is very fortunate to have a teacher such as Ms Eden!
This morning, Santi and I met with her to discuss the challenges of teaching English at an international school and in our contemporary world – not only is it more demanding to teach and understand the results with a class of children from a wide swath of foreign backgrounds (where English is not necessarily their native language), but the battle against the effects of the Internet and “YouTubers” has certainly begun in this century.  And she definitely gets it!
She recognizes the struggle we see with all the things the Internet is breaking down for kids today: organization, focus, straight trains of thought, formal vs informal and overly casual, impact vs crudeness, written vs spoken styles, and the traditional form vs free-for-all word association.
As an exercise for Santi, she is going to have him and Lenny research formal prose and its main concepts and they will lead and teach the others what they have learned (with her guidance) in a designated class.
What a fantastic idea!  First the gathering of knowledge and then the peer to peer explanation exercise.
Bravo, Ms Eden – I am seriously impressed.  (And with your enthusiasm and care for the students as well)
Thank you so much!
Jane Veronis (Santi’s Mum)


“My daughter had the fortunate opportunity of being taught by Nicole for one year in 1 hour weekly sessions to hopefully achieve her iGCSE English language. While we do not know the result, the outcome will always be more than – improved confidence through an encouraging and focused approach will, I am sure, have a longer lasting effect on her future.” Kate Dodson.

Nicole has been teaching my daughter for nearly 2 years now.  Her instruction has increased my daughter’s confidence in English and her progress, at school, has been amazing, especially with regard to her writing skills. She not only makes the lessons enjoyable, but, at the same time, challenging.  She is a truly outstanding teacher.   Jayashree

Before I was taught by Nicole, I always felt that I wasn’t good at English, despite the fact that I was fairly good at all other subjects.  However, it has now been nearly two years since she began to tutor me and my attitude has completely changed.  Now my English teachers, at school, commend me on my style of writing and participation in lessons. Her friendliness and encouraging approach to teaching makes me anticipate the next lesson.  (I can’t believe I just said that about English!) Thanks so much, Nicole!!!  By Neha


BA (hons) English Studies

PGCE English with Drama

CPD certificates in:

Counselling skills

Mentoring levels 1, 2 and 3

Careers guidance

Safeguarding vulnerable young people

Preventing bullying

Child protection

Middle management in schools

Child exploitation and online safety

Child neglect

Equality and diversity


AfN accredited Nutrition Adviser


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