English Tuition

No ordinary English Lessons!

As a fully qualified and experienced English and Drama teacher, I can not only build your language skills, but I can do so according to your ability, level and individual needs as a visual, audio or kinesthetic learner.  My lessons are varied, fun and engaging and use conversation, mnemonics, voice recording (teaching you how you need to move your mouth to pronounce difficult sounds) and role play, up to date apps, videos, as well as traditional resources, to maximise your learning experience.  I can teach you how to skillfully adapt your language (spoken and written) for any form, purpose or audience.

I offer 1:1 English Tuition for KS1-5, including entrance exams, SATS, IGCSE, A Level and currently teach students covering the full range.  I also offer TEFL lessons for intermediate to advanced students; adults and children.

I have excellent relationships with my clients, students and their families, who are happy to provide references.

I can also assist with essay writing for other subjects.

Nicole has been teaching my daughter for nearly 2 years now.  Her instruction has increased my daughter’s confidence in English and her progress, at school, has been amazing, especially with regard to her writing skills. She not only makes the lessons enjoyable, but, at the same time, challenging.  She is a truly outstanding teacher.   Jayashree

 Before I was taught by Nicole, I always felt that I wasn’t good at English, despite the fact that I was fairly good at all other subjects.  However, it has now been nearly two years since she began to tutor me and my attitude has completely changed.  Now my English teachers, at school, commend me on my style of writing and participation in lessons. Her friendliness and encouraging approach to teaching makes me anticipate the next lesson.  (I can’t believe I just said that about English!) Thanks so much, Nicole!!!  By Neha

For further information, please use the form below, or contact me on 629535466


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