Business English, CV and Interview mentoring

English consultation is available to companies and individuals in Mallorca who want to improve their level of professionalism in English communications.  As a prior project manager I have a wealth of experience in communicating professionally with stakeholders, clients, senior management and customers.  I can also assist with marketing, website copy and promotional materials.

Adults and young people with intermediate- advanced English can also see Nicole on a 1:1 basis.  

Having taught at GCSE and A Level and mentored young people for entering the world of work, I have a wealth of experience in not only teaching the specific language techniques appropriate for different purposes, but how to structure your talk, interview answer or business email for best results.

Whether you want to increase the sophistication of your language use for business settings, understand how to use the correct etiquette in business communications, or prepare for a specific even such as an interview or presentation, Eden Ed can assist.




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