Drama workshops

Drama workshops are not available at this time, but register your interest if you would like to be involved in future.


Eden Education will be launching its first Drama workshops, ELEVATE! for 8-14 year olds in 2013!

Why Choose Us?

  • We devise and write our own Drama
  • Workshops are run by a fully qualified and experienced ‘outstanding’ Drama Teacher
  • We inspire real confidence by exploring and bringing out the natural creativity of children
  • We offer encouragement in a nurturing and caring environment
  • We make decisions about how we run, what we perform etc as a group; everyone’s voice is important!
  • We are super fun and super friendly!

You do not have to have any great talent to join us.  We will be devising our own Dramas and the parts you play will grow organically from the group work we do.  The emphasis will be on group work and discovering and uncovering our hidden abilities and strengths.  All decisions will be made as a whole group, including whether or not we audition for parts and who is assigned to them.

These groups are great for you whether or not you have experience of Drama, you will be taught all the skills you need.  They may also appeal to you if you have an interest in writing or directing, or even if you just want to make friends and/ or increase your confidence in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


 There will be one performance per term.  We will be using scripts we have written together based upon our

 Term theme

 The Jungle Book

We will be using Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (not the Disney version!) as a stimulus for our drama.  We will devise pieces based on the original stories and on the moral implications they have for society.

 Fees £6 per session

Day and Time TBC

 Venue Holy Trinity Church, Wimbledon

For information on the workshop facilitator, please see the ABOUT section of this website

Please register your interest by emailing edeneducation@hotmail.co.uk



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