Summer classes and 5 British Summer traditions that foreigners will never understand!

Summer is truly upon us and here in Mallorca we are all melting in the 30+ degree heat!

Eden Education is still at work, but lessons are definitely more ‘chilled!’

These girls are learning the words for fruit and vegetables with some ‘swimming pool shopping!’


Alongside children’s language sessions Nicole is preparing a drama student for a big play in Northern Island in August, teaching adult TEFL and craft and conversation.  There is plenty of space over the summer for new students so do get in touch on 629 535466 for some summer fun!

British Summer Time

I won’t lie, I really don’t miss Summer in the UK.  My memory is of waiting 10 months for the sun to shine and getting about 3 days of nice weather.  However, there are some quirky British summer traditions that do make me smile.  Here are 5 of them

  1. Barbecues in the rain: We Brits are a determined bunch. If we want to barbecue, we WILL barbecue, even if it rains!  That is what umbrellas were made for!
  2. Stripping down at the slightest sign of sun:  it may only be 20 degrees, but the sun is out, so you are bound to see shorts, vests and shirtless men on the streets.
  3. PIMMS: This is one summer tradition I do miss!  Big jugs of PIMMS with an entire fruit salad in them. YUM.
  4. Festivals:  Another one of my favourites.  3 nights in a tent, usually in the rain and covered in mud, with great friends and great music.  Showers never felt as good as they do post-festival!
  5. Summer solstice at Stonehenge:  This is one I have yet to experience… taking a picnic with a flask of something hot to Stonehenge at around 4.50am to watch the sunrise.  Sounds lovely- unless of course it’s raining!

Wherever you are spending it, have a beautiful, fun summer! 🙂

Get in touch at or on whatsapp at +34 629 535466







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