Crafty bookmarks and the importance of movement

After letting out a huge sigh of relief to mark the end of the English language IGCSEs we thought it was time for a bit of light relief at Eden Ed.

We have been making these cute bookmarks. They are super easy and a lovely way to mark your pages at school or at home.  See how to make them here.


I have also been learning about the importance of movement.  In Eat Move Sleep, How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, Tom Rath states that we are not made to sit for long periods of time and that it can be detrimental to health.  He believes that we should be moving once every 20 minutes for several minutes and that 3, 10 minute walks a day is more beneficial than one 30 minute walk.

With this in mind I downloaded an app called ‘mindbell’ which can be set to go off at intervals throughout the day.  When the bell sounds I have been getting my younger students up and out of their seats for a quick game of follow-my-leader, some jumping jacks, or a short, brisk walk.  It is a really fun way to reset and refresh ready for more learning!

What can you do today to better mental and physical health by moving more?


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