3 Top Tips for exam stress

For year 11, 12 and 13 students, the time is now upon us when even those who have been most complacent over their school years will probably be feeling the pressure.  That’s normal, and it’s good!  There would be more cause for concern at this point if you weren’t feeling the pressure.

Here are 3 quick tips for handling the last few weeks leading up to exams.

  1.  Make a time table- and stick to it!

Make yourself a timetable for your spare hours.  Colour it in, make it pretty, stick it where you can see it.

DO NOT over schedule your time.  This will only stress you out further.  Studies prove that revising in short bursts is most effective.  Plan your revision in 20- 40 (MAXIMUM!) minute segments.  In between segments GET UP! Move about- do not go straight to your phone or your will be distracted.  Walk about a bit, do some yoga moves or running on the spot- whatever is your thing.  This will stop you feeling the slump and keep your brain awake.

2. Up your basic self-care

Yes, you’ve heard it all before 100 times, but that is because it is IMPORTANT!  Now more than ever you need to be taking care of your health both mental and physical.

Get 8 hours of sleep- cramming at night WILL NOT help you.  It has been proven that a late night study lesson can leave you mentally fatigued for up to 3 days.

Exercise.  Leave time in your schedule to exercise, this is not something to let go of for your busy schedule.  If you spend a long time doing sports usually, then yes you might have to cut down for a while, but don’t cut it out completely. It will keep your brain moving as well as your body and help you to manage stress.

Eat well.  What we eat affects our body.  If you eat junk you will, well, like junk.  Sugary foods and sodas may initially give you a lift, but what comes up must come down, so you will also get a slump in energy later.

3. Get some me time

This is important for your mental health and can work wonders when you are experiencing stress.  Try to get at least 15 minutes of quiet time, (before bed is perfect) when you can put your mind on something else.  Do not use social media or your phone during this time- this time is for focusing on you.

You could do some light reading about something you enjoy, listen to some music that makes you feel good, or listen to a meditation (seriously, try it, especially when you go to sleep- I highly recommend Jason Stephenson on Youtube!)  You could also use the time to write out everything that is in you head.  This is called free writing- don’t censor, don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense, just write for a set amount of time, then you can throw it away if you like.

Following these tips can help keep you sane during the run up to exams and may even improve your grades.

Tried these and have feed back? Leave it in the comments below of tell us about your own methods for dealing with stress.


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