National Theatre in Mallorca

Trained as an English and drama teacher and having lived in London for 10 years, I had no shortage of excellent theatre to feed the frustrated actress inside me, before I moved to the island.  I had not expected to fall in love with Mallorca, but I did.  However, being an island, it is missing a few of the things that make me happy in life, such as decent music and good drama.

While I will go to the theatre for just about anything, musicals and family entertainment shows don’t nurture my soul in the way real, gritty plays do and I have missed them oh, so much!  Yet, unbeknownst to me, the National Theatre have been screening live at our very own CineCiutat at San Juan, S’Escorxador!

NT live is an initiative which is making the best of London theatre available to audiences across the UK and Europe.  Last night I saw Ivo van Hove’s stripped down interpretation of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge and what a wonderful return to the theatre it was for me!  The sparse, stark set meant all attention was on what was being communicated both verbally and non verbally between characters and reminded me of the power of the English language and why I teach it.

NT live is showing at least once a month, the next play being Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land on April 6th with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.  So, if like me you are craving a little culture, or want to practise your English (or Spanish- there are subtitles,) get yourself down to S’Escorxador and I will see you there!


national theatre


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