Wow!  What a lovely testimonial from Tracy!  Thank you so much! I must say, Max and Theo, the feeling is mutual 😉

“I have two children 13 and 14 years of age who both have extremely full academic and extra curricular schedules.  They both do their fair share of studying and get good notes.  You can imagine how excited they were when I informed them, with as much enthusiasm I could muster, that they would be adding to their weekly craze 2 – 3 hours with an English tutor.  They both had a ton of complaints and excuses why the times would not work and they did not need it, etc.  Well what I can say about Nicole, that says everything, is that, after the FIRST class both kids were trying to rearrange their schedules to fit more time with Nicole.  My children love Nicole, they love the information that she is giving them and how she is giving it to them.  They love to do their assignments for her and read each others answers and critic it.  Nicole has taught these kids more on English grammar, writing skills and test taking in the short time she has been with them then they have learned in the last 3 years.  She is positive, enthusiastic and inquisitive and gets to understand each individual child and treats and teaches them each according to their individual personalities.  I have been so thankful to have found her.  My kids are at the point of asking to have more help on specific subjects, constantly.”

Tracy Mignatti



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